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What is Payment Processing?

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Credit and debit cards are the most popular form of payment. Whether you are a small business or a larger corporation, you most likely take card payments. You can swipe, chip, tap, or put your number in depending on the point of sale. If you are a local business around the Philadelphia, PA, area, Kelly Cusate can help! Since finding the company APO (Advanced Payment Options), she has been the leading credit card processing agent. But what exactly is payment processing?

Simply put, a payment processing company is a buffer between your customers and your business. As soon as your customer swipes their card, the payment processing network connects to the card services to ensure funds are available. Without this method in place, there is no way to know if the payment will go through. Unlike checks that may take up to 10 business days without knowing if the check will bounce, payment processing services are instantaneous.

The behind-the-scene of payment processing is quick. After the service determines that funds are available, the transaction goes through. The customer leaves happy, and the payment processing company will deposit your money in your bank account on the next business day. Accepting card payment processing is the only way to have a successful business today.

APO is a local company that provides all the necessary tools for wherever your point of sales occurs. They offer free equipment, invoices, and the lowest fees per transaction. When you sign up with Kelly Cusate, you will receive a 30-day free trial to check out all of their services. Small businesses around the Philadelphia area are signing up with kelly in droves because of the fantastic services she offers.

APO has several benefits that you can take advantage of. There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time. Point of sale for your merchandise or services can be anywhere, such as in-store, online, at a venue, or at the customer’s home. APO has several programs you can use, making your sales easier. These include invoicing, discounts, and e-commerce programs. Their reviews are top-notch, and you have nothing to lose with this payment processing company.

Call Kelly at APO, (215) 631-2871 today for quick payment processing tomorrow! You can also visit her website to learn more information and view testimonials. Payment processing has never been more accessible or inexpensive than it is with APO.

Kelly Cusate
Kelly Cusate

Kelly Cusate, is a Souderton, PA resident and has been in the merchant services industry since 2013. Kelly is a mother, aunt, friend, & business owner. As your local credit card girl, Kelly started in sales with Capital Direct Merchant Services, learned the business, then went onto Start a sister company, X2 Payment Systems, where we trained and built the business till today!

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