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Best Payment Processing in Philadelphia, PA

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Are you looking to expand your business? Have you thought about a better way to receive payment? Are you losing profit because of the high cost of payment processing services? Look no further! APO (Advanced Payment Options) is here to help! Kelly Cusate, in Philadelphia, PA, has a new and exciting way to help you expand your business and keep more profit through payment processing.

Kelly began in sales for Capital Direct Merchant Services. When she moved on from there, Kelly began X2 Payment Systems, which is the parent company of APO. She strives to make payment processing a breeze with heightened technology. Start today to make ground-breaking profits without spending an arm and a leg on transaction fees.

Get all the payment processing services without headaches. APO with Kelly offers state-of-the-art equipment. You can conduct business online, in a store, or door-to-door. The sky’s the limit on the sales you can make. Each transaction you administrate is 100% secure, with only ten cents out of each payment you receive.

Working with Kelly and APO can be the best option for local companies. Typically, small businesses have to eat hefty transaction fees because payment processing services are corporate entities. With this, you either have to take the hit or pass on the expense to your customers. Using APO for your payment processing services, you can keep your prices low to entice repeat customers.

When you contact APO, you will receive hometown customer assistance. The benefits of trying out Kelly Cusate’s payment processing services are plentiful. You will receive one-on-one help, free supplies, no contracts, and a 30-day free trial. APO guarantees the lowest rates in town or beyond. If you are local to Philadelphia, PA, or the surrounding areas, you have nothing to lose with APO. Get paid quickly and efficiently with these payment processing services.

APO has several bonuses when you sign up for payment processing services. Customer programs are plentiful with APO cash discounts, APO Invoicing, and APO eCommerce. Your point-of-sale can be anywhere you sell your merchandise or services.

Call Kelly Cusate at (215) 631-2871 for all your payment processing services. For a brighter future, start receiving your new payments tomorrow! You can go to the APO website to view all of the perks of using the APO payment processing services. You have nothing to lose!

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Kelly Cusate
Kelly Cusate

Kelly Cusate, is a Souderton, PA resident and has been in the merchant services industry since 2013. Kelly is a mother, aunt, friend, & business owner. As your local credit card girl, Kelly started in sales with Capital Direct Merchant Services, learned the business, then went onto Start a sister company, X2 Payment Systems, where we trained and built the business till today!

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